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Professional PHP Obfuscator/Encoder

     Obfusc PHP is an obfuscator and encoder.

                     Obfusc PHP: a proven solution!

       Special DEAL:
Obfusc com is for sale (the site, the source code C++,.net for the Obfuscator and some guidance from me) If you are passionate abut this market and want to build a modern SaaS business on source code obfuscation you can have a start buying Obfusc! The starting price is 12000 Euro! I will keep this auction until somebody is convincing me that he have great plans with Obfusc.

          Get REAL and working obfuscation not reversible encoding!

    Key features:

  • replaces variables, functions, classes, members, constants names from PHP scripts with nonsense names and obscure strings, removes comments and white spaces without affecting functionality.
  • Starting with 2.0 it has encoder features to hide entirely the code structure.
  • Fully obfuscate and encode your project before buying!
  • No changes required to your source code!
  • No changes required on server!
  • PHP4 and PHP5 versions supported.
  • Easy to use (in 1-2 hours you can be an expert)
  • Advanced GUI
  • Great for source/project analysis. You can see easy how/where every name is used.

If during evaluation of DEMO VERSION you find any real bug that breaks functionality of obfuscated code, we will fix it and give you a FREE keycode for Obfusc Php Freelancer Edition!


If you have any questions, bugs to report or need support, please send an email.

Why Obfusc?

Obfusc is a mature product,heavily tested. We have in our regression thousands of test cases. Obfusc was able to obfuscate all open sources we tried during testing (including phpBB, OsCommerce, phpNuke , PHPOpenChat, phpwiki).
Obfusc doesn't break sources like many available PHP obfuscators do.
Obfusc is doing a great job and has an innovative user interface that offers to developers and managers a great new perspective of their php code.


Obfusc Php is an obfuscator and encoder based on a high quality PHP parser to ensure that all the syntax is properly handled. You don't need to install extension on servers,obfusc is a real obfuscator unlike products that only encode the sources and decode them at runtime, selling only an illusion of protection. Obfusc PHP provides full control over the obfuscation process with a powerful user interface. You can decide case by case if an identifier should be or not obfuscated. The default settings and decisions provide around 90% rate of obfuscation without human intervention for a normal project. You can make manual decisions and rise this rate in cases where obfusc is not 100% sure that understands all code intentions. If you want to preserve names as a part of an API for customers you can easily do this too. From interface you can choose what files are not to be obfuscated and all identifiers used in those files will not be scrambled in the rest of the project. You can have more styles for obfuscated identifiers and you can choose if strings are scrambled or white spaces and comments are stripped.When stripping comments you can also preserve some PHP comments that you choose.

Obfusc Support

If you like Obfusc, need support or you want to suggest a new feature please send an e-mail to:
abss at


  • At least 256 RAM memory(512 recommended)
  • reasonable CPU

  • Platform:Windows 2000 or later
  • dotnet framework is required
  • administrator account  to install .net on your computer