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  • Administrator privileges are needed for .net install
  • This setup downloads the .net framework 2.0 redistributable framework if needed.
  • If you have problems installing Obfusc, please report.
  • Obfusc was tested against osCommerce and other complex open source projects.It obfuscates automatically any project. The previous versions required manual customizations to pass such projects.
  • NEW: full evaluation for you projects! You can test your sources a week after obfuscation but don't use sources obfuscated with DEMO version of Obfusc in production because they will randomly fail after a week!
  • Buy a keycode to remove this restriction.

If during evaluation of DEMO VERSION you find any real bug that breaks functionality of obfuscated code, we will fix it and give you a FREE keycode for Obfusc Php !
By many months nobody found a real bug in obfuscation but your opinions still could improve Obfusc (for example the GUI) and I will reward good observations.
Also I will reward serious mistakes you discover on this site.

Change history
  • 30 November 2006 Version 1.0 released
  • 1 February 2007 Version 1.1 released
    • substantial GUI improvements
  • 26 February 2007 Version 1.2 released
    • Option "Don't obfuscate comments beginning with:" fixed
    • load/save bug fixed
    • GUI small changes
    • fixed a bug about file paths containing multibyte characters
  • 30 April Version 2.0 beta
    • encoding features added
    • heredoc bug fixed(thanks Kenny)
    • load project bug fixed (thanks Paddy)
    • fixes of crushes and problems of GUI
  • 3 May New small fixes for BETA 2.0
  • 14 May - release of 2.0
  • 21 July - pre release of 2.1.0
    - encoder problems with sessions fixed
    - "Set new license keycode" menu item added
  • 29 July - release of 2.1.0
    - auto-preserve for templates and sql scripts
    - fixing some other minor bugs
  • 16 August - release of 2.2.0
    - GUI improvements
    - small bug fixes( copy empty folders)
  • 9 November - release for 2.3
  • 27 November 2007- release for 2.3.1 (small fix at license)
  • 17 March 2010 Version 3.0 beta released (the GUI and obfuscation rules got some serious improvements but the php lexical parser and the obfuscator core is from 2.2 because has no bugs! )
  • 22 March 2010 Version 3.0 stable version released
  • 2011,2012,2013 No other version was necessary because no critical bugs were reported (actually to be honest one bug for encoding a convoluted case was reported in 2011 but few sane programmers write such code) From 2007 we give free key code for anybody reporting real bugs!

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Obfusc Support

If you like Obfusc, need support or you want to suggest a new feature please send an e-mail to:
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