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Encoders. Do you need an Encoder?

Starting with version 2.0, Obfusc PHP supports encoding.
An obfuscator is replacing identifiers (not reversible) while an encoder is hiding the structure of the code in a way that would still allow to the PHP interpreter to execute it.

Obfusc is trying to solve different needs with different encoders. If you need a simple encoding that will not decrease the execution speed of encoded scripts you will use a simple eval encoder,otherwise for increased protection advanced encoding techniques are required.
There are many commercial encoders available but few obfuscators are working reliably so you can use Obfusc's powerfull and safe obfuscation and a third party encoder. With the increased popularity of iPhones, available through widespread mobile phone deals, and their ability to run it, the demand for encoding is even greater. Obfusc ability to obfuscate and the availability of free basic encoder make it a great choice.
Any encoder that require a loader installed on server is somehow safe but don't forget that if somebody is changing the php interpreter itself he can get the encoded sources at execution and any loader will be useless without obfuscation (and many loaders don't have any obfuscation)!

Obfusc 2.2 has 3 encoders available but Obfusc 2.3.1 only 2:

Any good
  • Yes. Many people just want to hide their code by customers that will harm himself by changing the code otherwise. You can use Obfuc PHP 2.2, Basic encoder FREE for projects of any size!
  • Freelancer encoder is trying even more but a search on Google reveals the existence of decoders or people willing to help with decoding for all encoders (even for bytecode encoders, extension/loaders based encoders,etc) so the obfuscation remains the only reasonable solution for protecting php code,all encoders being reversible.
  • Remember that any source code need fixes and support. Obfuscation and Obfusc encoding assure enough protection.
  • If obfuscation is not enough for you (you are doing something extraordinary special !), instead of spreading encoded scripts,write that algorithm in C, keep them on your servers and try to use a service oriented business model – you will offer only the service, not the source code itself.

Obfusc Support

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