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I think that Obfusc it's good and "manageable" (tunable!) and helps in writing php code. I don't know why noone said me "there is a good obfuscator from Axiologic". For aspect "speed", a "first use" clear feeling it's that your obfuscator it's the fastest product!
I think this product needs more advertising, where possible I do it!!!
Carloalberto Sartor (August 2007)

You know I tried at least a dozen obfuscators before I found yours. They were all rubbish even some that cost more than 10 times as much. I looked at doing one myself and saw just how hard the problem was, so I am very impressed with your application and have already recommended it to every PHP coder I know.
Keith Willis (July 2007)
The University of Newcastle,Australia

I must say that Obfusc PHP is the best php obfuscator. This is a great solution to protect my php code. My obfuscated source code can't be readable, but it's 100% compatible and working. Obfusc support is lightening fast.  The best thing is no additional loader required, it keeps my software filesize small.
Kenny Hartono (March 2007)
Jakarta, Indonesia

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